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The formation of The Khemosabi Society was officially celebrated at the US Nationals in Tulsa 2008. We had a great gathering of Khemo folks, complete with food, fun and of course, the William Tell Overture -- which made several of the horses in the barn (My best guess, Khemosabi sons, including Kakhem Sahib) get a little anxious in their stalls
as they heard the "call of their great sire: Khemosabi." It also roused the crowd!!

It was a GREAT first gathering. So many people, from through-out the country -- joined us in celebration and honor of the most versatile Arabian horse of our times: Khemosabi.

At Nationals and other prominent shows, the Khemosabi Society will offer a gathering place and a source of communication for people who have a common interest in pursuing, breeding and carrying on the bloodlines associated with the “versatile Arabian,” as represented in a horse like Khemosabi.

Khemosabi, himself, evoked a deep level of devotion to the breed. It will be our goal to keep the “Khemo Power” going strong; to support breeders, owners and enthusiasts of the Khemosabi bloodlines; and to ensure the dream will be continued on for generations beyond us.

The Society’s mission statement is as follows:
The Khemosabi Society is formed to promote “Truth, Justice and the Arabian Way” in the spirit of Khemosabi and Ruth, the Faithful Red-haired Companion, as well as to develop camaraderie, fellowship, the exchange of ideas, experience and knowledge about breeding horses, sportsmanship, good character and mutual support among owners, breeders and admirers of the bloodline of the Arabian Stallion Khemosabi++++/.

I feel the Khemosabi Society will touch all horse owners’ hearts. The Society will represent a cause much greater than the “horse.” It will represent and help people too. Khemosabi had an impact on people in a very personal and profound way. I know this, from my own personal experience.

You can become a true "BRAVE" of The Khemosabi Society by joining. A membership is $20 a calendar year. In addition, to being invited to all the Khemosabi events and enjoying our "members" only portion of the website, you'll also get a set of exclusive Khemosabi notecards. Each year, a different artist will be featured.

The first year, it will be the GREAT Johnny Johnston -- one of the first photographers to photograph Khemosabi. We'll also include a limited edition Poster of Khemosabi.

As we grow, in membership, we will be able to offer more to our members, such as "Khemo Scholarships", Khemosabi Society T-shirts, hats and other memorabilia.

We're starting small. In fact, to help fund the Society, we're offering a Khemosabi Son/Grandson Stallion Auction (at 50% of the listed stud fee) to help start-up the Society

You will see more on this -- soon. If anyone is interested in purchasing a Kakhem Sahib+/ breeding -- tell me soon.  I can do that QUICK and you can help "Khick" us off!    I am willing to donate TWO Kakhem Sahib Breedings -- HALF-OFF -- to fund the start-up costs of our Great Society.   So Contact me:  Julie Klug, Powderhorn Creek Ranch.  Email:

The Khemosabi Society, wants to represent, for future generations, the Versatile Arabian. The Arabian horse that Khemosabi, himself, represented. He was and still is, the "People's horse" -- the horse that is known for beauty, type, conformation, disposition, athletic ability, versatility, heart, compassion and RESPECT.

Khemosabi, is the FIRST Arabian to gain respect, in the working western world, of the Quarter Horses, which historically dominate such disciplines like cutting, cowhorse, trail and reining. (Believe me, I KNOW this for fact.  I LIVE in Quarter Horse country.  I stand a Son of Smart Little Lena.  I know Quarter Horse People.)   Khemosabi, is the FIRST and ONLY Arabian to breakdown those breed barriers.

He is a true "Spokes-horse" for the breed and truly an ambassador. He's helped increase the breed's popularity, love and respect. He is a true: Super Hero. He stands for: Truth, Justice and the Arabian Breed.

None other, can touch him.  Please JOIN in our Cause.  Be Patient.  We are still in the beginning.  Be a part of the start-up!  You will always be proud of the grassroots involvement you had, by simply JOINING the KHEMOSABI SOCIETY. 

We are working on a website.  IF you want to join NOW -- to get in on the NOTECARDS and Limited Edition Posters.  Send your Membership donation to:

The Khemosabi Society

Julie Klug

707 County Road 28

Powderhorn, CO  81243

Any Questions,  call 970-641-9043.

Julie Klug
Powderhorn Creek Ranch