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If you’re looking for an efficient way to protect or wrap your goods, using Malpack stretch film is the best solution as it also saves you time and money. It is a simple way to protect and secure your products for storage or transportation. It can be used with semi-automatic or manual handheld devices. The film comes in a variety of gauges, colors, and grades to fit your specific purpose. Here are a few benefits of using stretch films:

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Trucking companies can be extremely profitable in Canada, but because competition in this industry is extremely steep, before you jump in, do some thorough research. The following 5 strategies can greatly put your transportation company in the right direction and ensure you succeed. 

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Manufacturers of packages are often focused on creating quality products for their consumers, and your team may work hard to deliver in this area. However, you may have significant reasons for being concerned about the quality of your products now. For example, you may have received consumer complaints about faulty product packaging, spoiled food and more. Perhaps your team identified a product packaging issue before your goods shipped, but you may wonder how many other products with faulty packaging were shipped out. In addition, you may be concerned about the possibility for a liability lawsuit if faulty products are distributed to your consumers. FlexPak leak detection equipment is one way that you can overcome your concerns as you strive to improve work processes. By learning more about leak detection equipment and its benefits, you will see why this is a great option to consider.

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