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Top 5 benefits of using Stretch Film



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January 29, 2018

If you’re looking for an efficient way to protect or wrap your goods, using stretch films is the best solution as it also saves you time and money. It is a simple way to protect and secure your products for storage or transportation. It can be used with semi-automatic or manual handheld devices. The film comes in a variety of gauges, colors, and grades to fit your specific purpose. Here are a few benefits of using stretch films:



1. Improved control of Inventory

Since stretch films are used to unitize the same products, it will be easier for you to accurately create inventories as it allows for visual inspections. It also ensures that all like products are always together, making your inventory efficient and accurate. Moreover, it saves on time as you will scan straight through it every time you use a scanning system.



2. Stretch Film is recyclable

One significant advantage of using stretch films is that they are recyclable. If you keep yours in excellent condition, you could exchange it for good money from your local recycling center that accepts soft plastics.



3. Increased protection of your Goods

Wrapping your goods with stretch films will protect them from moisture, dust or dirt. This will ensure that your goods stay in excellent condition. Some stretch films like the UVI stretch film will also protect your products from UV rays in case you’re storing them outside. If your shipment will be outdoors for more than three months, you should consider purchasing UV stretch films.



4. Reduced damage of Goods 

These films are secure thus minimizing shipping damages. They allow you to wrap your goods securely and in a more stable way. The chances of your products getting damaged during shipping will be reduced as they are held firmly. The max film has five layers which makes it puncture resistant and ideal for sensitive goods.


Pallet Stack

5. Keep Pallet Stacks intact

Stretch films are often used to wrap transit-ready pallets in warehouses during packaging. Wrapping them helps to keep your products stacked on a pallet resist gravitational forces that could otherwise make them fall from their stack. When the pallet reaches its destination, the recipient can use a knife to cut the film off and dismantle the pile.

Stretch films are a crucial tool when it comes to packaging. They are relatively cheaper compared to other pallet wraps. There are different types of stretch films in the market, one of the best would be Malpack Corp, and thus it is essential that you know the type of stretch film you want before going ahead to purchase one. It is also vital you identify the type of stretch film machine you will use to wrap your loads.

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