Son of Khemosabi, Kakhem Sahib+/, standing at the Powderhorn Creek Ranch in Colorado 
Khemosabi++++// is the most beloved Arabian of all times. No other horse has, ever been held in such high esteem as Khemosabi. He has been called the greatest ambassador the Arabian breed has ever had, the superhorse of the 20th century, a leading sire, a record-setter and a legend. He captivated and entranced generations of people from all over the world and united a network of friends that knew no age, cultural or economic barriers because they shared the common interest – Khemosabi. The world’s 34-year love affair with Khemosabi did not end with his death. He has been immortalized forever in poetry, prose, art and various memorials.   He will live forever in the hearts of “his people” and in each newborn foal that carries his blood on into each succeeding generation.
Khemosabi is the Top producing Arabian Stallion of all-time.   Khemosabi++++// is a U.S. and Canadian National Champion Stallion and U.S. and Canadian National Champion Western Pleasure winner. In today’s Arabian world, this record, both halter and performance, is unheard of. Khemosabi represents the best of both worlds – pretty and correct conformation and the ability to perform in many different disciplines.   Today, once a stallion is a National Champion in Halter, he is retired and is usually never proven in the performance world.    Khemosabi still is a leading sire in several performance divisions. He is still hard to beat even years after his death!    He has sired over 320 champions and 88 National winners in halter and performance (of course including his son Kakhem Sahib++/ who is twice Reserve National Champion Working Cow Horse).    Khemosabi++++// has sired over 50 sons who have sired champions (Of course including Kakhem Sahib++// who has sired several winners at the national level).    Khemosabi himself is the product of two National Champions.   His sire, Amerigo, is a U.S. Reserve National Champion Stallion and a sire of seven national winners.    Khemosabi++++// is out of Reserve National Champion English and Western Pleasure and Top Ten Mare Jurneeka++ who was the dam of five champions.
Both inside the arena and out, Khemosabi was a Champion. His kind heart and athletic ability had an impact on all who had the opportunity to see him in person. I am fortunate to have “met” Khemosabi on three occasions. I was one of those “strange” types that would plan vacations around visiting him – kind of a pilgrimage of sorts.    His kind eye and his beautiful face made my heart melt every time I visited. I’m so glad he had athletic ability and a great performance record backing him because, once I saw him, I never looked beyond his “beautiful face.”    Thankfully, for my breeding program, I chose a champion in both fields – both pretty and performance.   I will never forget my visits with Khemo and the dream he inspired in me. Now, I have the opportunity to share the dream with others. I have great Khemosabi son, who represents his sire very well in both athletic ability, attitude and beauty.    I want to share him with all of you who have a “dream” as I did as a small child. I also have foals out of another great Khemosabi son name “Nodoubtaboutit” ( Khemosabi x Jus Ultima).    These girls are beautiful and they have brains and athletic ability. Their father “Doubt” was a living legend that no one ever knew about.   He was beautiful (beyond belief), athletic (unbelievable) and kind
(my 4-year-old daughter could ride him anywhere.) It was this Khemosabi son that started my entire program. “Nodoubtaboutit” was a legend in my mind. He was bred to be a winner – his mother a Top 10 winner in both Western and English pleasure (just like Khemosabi’s dam Jurneeka).    She was also 16 hands tall, so she is responsible for a lot of athletic ability and height in my breeding program.    Jus Ultima was a great producing and performance mare, but most of all, she was loved and owned by my friend Myrna Heldfond. Myrna loved this mare (her name was “legs”). Legs was lucky to have such a loving and caring owner that took her on frequent trail rides and often “spoiled” her with love and affection. Her son “Nodoubtaboutit” , by Khemosabi, was also loved his entire 26 years. He lived in Montana – so he never acquired the high-gloss, show-ring status of some Khemosabi sons, but he rode in the mountains, the local parades and cut cows with best. He did have a show record in Halter and Western Pleasure, but his true-love was riding in the mountains and chasing cows.   He was the best trail horse leader – ever. So, it is his heart, and that of his parents, Khemosabi and Jus Ultima, that is the true heart-beat of my breeding program. My Khemosabi bred horses have heart, ability, personality and charm – just like their great Sire and Grand sire Khemosabi. Please call me direct if you would like anymore information about my horses at 970-641-9043. Or visit us at