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Are You Concerned About the Quality of Your Products?



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February 17, 2017

Manufacturers of packages are often focused on creating quality products for their consumers, and your team may work hard to deliver in this area. However, you may have significant reasons for being concerned about the quality of your products now. For example, you may have received consumer complaints about faulty product packaging, spoiled food and more. Perhaps your team identified a product packaging issue before your goods shipped, but you may wonder how many other products with faulty packaging were shipped out. In addition, you may be concerned about the possibility for a liability lawsuit if faulty products are distributed to your consumers. FlexPak leak detection equipment is one way that you can overcome your concerns as you strive to improve work processes. By learning more about leak detection equipment and its benefits, you will see why this is a great option to consider.

How Leak Detection Equipment Works
There are several types of leak detection equipment that your team can begin using soon to decrease quality concerns. One of the most common types of equipment available uses a bubble test to identify the presence of leaks in airtight packaging. With a bubble test, your products will be placed in water, and your team will look for air bubbles that indicate leaks. Some equipment automates this process for your benefit. There are other types of technology in use as well, such as infrared technology used for leak detection. Some companies will test all of their packages, and others will conduct a spot test to identify when product packaging machines have developed a repair issue.

Putting This Equipment to Work in Your Facility
Before you invest in leak detection equipment, you may need to think through the functional use of the equipment in your facility. It is most commonly installed near the end of the product packaging process. Some or all of the products may be individually tested by your team. Any products with faulty packaging may be sent back through the packaging phase once the repair issue with the packing equipment has been addressed. This reduces the incidence of product packaging issues in your company, improves customer satisfaction, decreases overhead related to product waste and more.

Concern about the condition of products is common in the manufacturing industry, and this holds true for the manufacturing of a wide range of foods and consumer goods. If your company is not currently using leak detection equipment or if it is using outdated equipment, researching the modern options available is a wise step to take. This is the first step to improving your operation with the introduction of enhanced leak detection capabilities in your facility. For more information visit the FlexPak website.

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